PP030 Our Fear of ‘Fearing God’

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Many of us experience an emotional and existential fear about the Bible’s “fearing God” language. The emotional fear has to do with what such language implies about God’s character: is he threatening, or loving? The existential fear is the kind we feel when we read the precious assurances of Psalm 103. God has compassion on those who fear him. If I don’t fear him enough, does that mean he isn’t compassionate towards me? Learn how to confront your fears about fearing God head on. The right kind of fear of God doesn’t drive you away from him; it draws you near.

Scriptures Referenced: Ps 103:15-20; 33:18, 128:1, 130:4; Jer 32:40; Ex 20:20; 1Sam 12:20-24; Isa 11:3; Deut 6:2-5; Jer 33:8-9; Hos 3:5; Luk 7:13-17; Acts 9:31

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