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Summer Challenge Schedule

As announced on episode 124, this year’s summer challenge is to memorize Psalm 25! Here’s a schedule to help you keep pace:

1Aug 7-13Psalm 25:1-5
2Aug 14-20Psalm 25:6-10
3Aug 21-27Psalm 25:11-15
4Aug 28-Sept 3Psalm 25:16-20
5Sept 4-Sept 10Psalm 25:21-22

CHALLENGE DEADLINE: Email us at info@practicologypodcast.com by midnight September 11, 2023, in order to win this year’s prize.

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February Reading Challenge Schedule

This year during “I Love to Read Month,” we will be working through John Bunyan’s famous book The Pilgrim’s Progress. Here’s a schedule if you want to pace yourself and be in sync with themes covered in the weekly episodes!

WeekDatesSection to Read*
1Jan 29 – Feb 4From City of Destruction to the House of the Interpreter
2Feb 5 – 11From the cross to the Valley of the Shadow of Death
3Feb 12 – 18From meeting Faithful to Vanity Fair
4Feb 19 –25From By-ends to the Delectable Mountains
5Feb 26 – Mar 4From Ignorance to the Celestial City
Reading Schedule for Pilgrim’s Progress

*NOTE: Different editions break up Pilgrim’s Progress into different chapter divisions and headings. So we are outlining the schedule descriptively.

CHALLENGE DEADLINE: Email us at info@practicologypodcast.com by midnight March 5, 2023, in order to qualify for the prize draw.

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PP056 My Chains Are Gone, I’ve Been Redeemed

Everyone loves a story of sweet redemption, but there is no redemption story like that of the Christian gospel. The helpless are rescued. The bankrupt have their debt paid. Slaves are set free. Gospel freedom is the best kind of freedom, and not only has the gospel set us free from guilt through the blood of Christ, it also guarantees us a future redemption when our Redeemer returns.

Scriptures Referenced: Gen 48:15-16; Ex 6:6-7; 12; Isa 43:1-2; Luk 9:24; Rom 8:23; Gal 5:1, 13; Eph 1:7, 13-14; Php 3:21; 1Tim 1:10; 1Pet 1:18-19
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I Love to Read Month Reading Schedule

So you’ve agreed to join us for our February reading challenge? Wonderful! Please see the suggested reading schedule below. It will keep you synced up with the episodes as they come out each Sunday night.

WeekDatesChapters to ReadMain Topic
1Feb 1-6Chps 1-2Holiness of God
2Feb 7-13Chps 3-5Justification
3Feb 14-20Chps 6-8Redemption
4Feb 21-27Chps 9-12Faith
5Feb 28 – Mar 6Chps 13-14Sanctification
6Mar 7-13Chps 15-17Final Judgment
Reading Schedule for the book Key Bible Concepts by David Gooding and John Lennox

When you’ve finished the book, send us an email at info@practicologypodcast.com and we’ll include your name in a draw for another free David Gooding book! Deadline for the draw is March 15, 2022.

For information on how to get a copy of this book, please see the show notes for episode 48.

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PP026 Discipleship, Part 3

In David Williamson’s final installment on Christian discipleship, we learn that not only is Christ before us that we may follow him, and beside us that we may fellowship with him, but he is also behind us enabling us to fight for him. We don’t fight with phyiscal swords, but it is a battle against the ideas of the culture – we “have divine power to destroy strongholds, to destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God.” 

Scriptures Referenced: Mk 6:7-13; 8:14-15; 2Cor 10:3-5

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