PP032 Back to School with Attitude: “I’m Too Special to Sin”

This year, go back to school or college with attitude! If you’re a Christian you’re too special to sin. According to 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, you belong to God by creation, by redemption, and by indwelling. Learn how to walk away from sinful temptations by saying, “I’m too special for that.”

Scriptures Referenced: 1Cor 6:12-20; 1Pt 1:18-19

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PP027 Do You Talk to Yourself? You’d Be Crazy Not To

There’s a crucial difference between listening to yourself and talking to yourself. According to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, most of our unhappiness comes from listening to ourselves instead of talking to ourselves. Perhaps King David would agree. In this first episode of the August Summer Challenge series, we overhear David talking to himself about five benefits the Lord had given him. Listen in to learn how you can use biblical self-talk to prime the pump of your heart and cause joyful praise to gush out from deep inside.

Scriptures Referenced: Ps 42:5-6, 103:1-5; Luk 11:13

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PP003 The Perfect Posture-Correcting Device

If you’ve been getting pop ads in your social media lately about posture correcting devices, you’ll want to tune in to this one. As much as we need reminders to straighten up our physical posture, we need reminders about our soul posture even more. Sometimes we get swelled up with pride; other times we slouch down with self-loathing. The cross is the perfect posture correcting device. On the one hand it reminds us what it took to save us — that keeps us from looking down on others. But it also reminds us that we’ve been purchased at great cost and now belong to God himself. That keeps us from beating up ourselves. We can now walk with our heads held high in dignity, but not in pride.

Scriptures Referenced: Lev 26:13, Col 1:9-11, James 1:2-3

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