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A longer episode, but an important one! Many of us struggle with addictive behaviour. The addiction may be simple and not seem to harmful at the moment, but it can quickly become complex and lead us into deeper sin. Guest host, Josh Smith (M.A. in Counseling, LPC in the State of Michigan), helps us to understand what addictions are, why we struggle with them, and most importantly, how we can overcome them by the grace of God. The discussion near the end on the four tools of the enemy (Access, Appetite, Anonymity, and Atheism) are particularly helpful. Josh has also provided these links as further resources for you on this topic.
Powerful Talk on Overcoming Addiction
The Secret of Addiction
Another Message on Overcoming Addiction
Rescue Plan Book
Addiction: A Banquet in the Grave Book

(Musical Credits: “Chain Breaker”, by Zach Williams, sung by Ken & Nancy Biddington).
Scriptures Referenced: Eccl 4:9-10; Mat 5:28-30; 1Cor 6:12; Rom 6:12-14; Col 3:5-16; Jam 1:14-25

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