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So you’ve agreed to join us for our February reading challenge? Wonderful! Please see the suggested reading schedule below. It will keep you synced up with the episodes as they come out each Sunday night.

WeekDatesChapters to ReadMain Topic
1Feb 1-6Chps 1-2Holiness of God
2Feb 7-13Chps 3-5Justification
3Feb 14-20Chps 6-8Redemption
4Feb 21-27Chps 9-12Faith
5Feb 28 – Mar 6Chps 13-14Sanctification
6Mar 7-13Chps 15-17Final Judgment
Reading Schedule for the book Key Bible Concepts by David Gooding and John Lennox

When you’ve finished the book, send us an email at info@practicologypodcast.com and we’ll include your name in a draw for another free David Gooding book! Deadline for the draw is March 15, 2022.

For information on how to get a copy of this book, please see the show notes for episode 48.