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According to God’s definition of success, the setbacks you’ve experienced over the last two years aren’t steps back but steps forward. Learn how the Christian definition of success helps us reflect on the disappointments of the past and face the uncertainties of the future. At the end, Mike and Matthew outline the next two months at Practicology. Lord willing, January’s episodes will help us practice the spiritual disciplines, and February will feature a reading challenge. Make sure you listen to the end so you can start getting ready! Below are the links as promised.

Bible reading plans:
The Five Day Bible Reading Program
The Robert Murray M’Cheyne plan
Customize your own plan

Download Key Bible Concepts book by Gooding and Lennox for free!

Or purchase soft copy from Myrtlefield website (It is also availabe from most online book resellers)
Scriptures Referenced: Rom. 8:1-3, 28-29; 12:2; Ps. 119:71; Lam. 3:27; James 1:2
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